November 19 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Scorpios born on November 19 are likely to keep their own counsel. These self-controlled, taciturn individuals make good leaders yet do not mix well with others. One of their greatest talents is to make others feel good about themselves. Although seemingly aloof, they possess much charm.


Friends and Lovers

People born on this date guard their emotions and are cautious about letting people into their lives. They usually have only a handful of close friends. November 19 people are extremely cautious about letting themselves rely too heavily on a lover or mate. Because of this, they often unconsciously subvert their relationships.

Children and Family

Childhood is often a troubled time for November 19 people. Parenthood is a difficult decision for them because it forces them to relive the past in ways that are not comfortable. When they do choose to become parents, it's for disparate reasons, including a need to resolve the past.


People born on this date read all the latest literature about exercise and diet and have an uncanny ability to discover which of these approaches are right for them. Although they are concerned about their appearance, they know their health comes first. They can be fanatics about their workout schedule.

Career and Finances

November 19 men and women often seek career opportunities in business, law, local politics, or academia, where they can achieve a long-standing reputation. Finances are usually stable in their lives.


Dreams and Goals

November 19 men and women are success-oriented, with a difference. They have a moralistic streak and never compromise their beliefs. They may not realize until late that accomplishments are best shared.

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