May 9 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Tauruses born on May 9 possess a bold spirit that propels them forward toward challenges that other, more timid individuals would never face. Despite the forcefulness of their personality, they possess a high enthusiasm level and have the ability to laugh at themselves. There is no hidden agenda with people born on this date. What you see is what you get.


Friends and Lovers

May 9 people don't seek out people like themselves; they prefer a diverse group of pals. Because of their strengths, May 9 people tend to be the leader of their group. In love and romance, they discover that opposites attract. Although sometimes embroiled in tempestuous relationships, May 9 men and women generally prefer a stable union that allows them to be happy at home while concentrating the greater part of their energy on a career.

Children and Family

It's not unusual for May 9 natives to have demanding, goal-oriented parents. Though they usually rise to the occasion, parent-child relations can be stressful. As parents, they are superb examples to their own children. They don't instruct their offspring but simply set a good example.


May 9 natives live full and active lives on all levels. Since they are always occupied with projects -- many of them physical -- they rarely need to make any adjustments to their health and fitness habits. Since their temperament is excitable, these individuals can receive considerable benefits from daily meditation sessions.

Career and Finances

May 9 individuals have a talent for leadership and always seek out careers that provide the opportunity to exhibit that ability. They have great entrepreneurial skills and may seek to start a business of their own. Besides a wealth of ideas, these individuals also possess an amazing potential for raising needed capital.


Dreams and Goals

In addition to their organizational gifts, these people have a wonderful talent for visualizing their future plans. May 9 natives leave nothing to chance. They know that if they are to be successful in bringing their dreams to fruition, the dreams must be manifested through the practical methods they understand best.

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