May 5 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

A Taurus born on May 5 is verbal, imaginative, and not at all shy about expressing their opinions. They are extremely talkative, and an animated manner is their personal trademark. They are also good listeners, and despite their "chatty" reputation, can keep a secret better than most.


Friends and Lovers

May 5 individuals are friendly and sociable, making their friends feel as if they serve a vital role in their lives. In romance, they can be fickle. They tend to fall in and out of love quickly, often basing their feelings on intellectual kinship more than on romantic compatibility. They can make a successful marriage with a partner as long as there is sufficient intellectual chemistry.

Children and Family

Family life and background rarely play a major role in the lives of May 5 individuals. They are free-thinking and anxious to go their own way, often breaking from the teachings of their youth. Parenthood is not high on the list of priorities for them. They often marry and have children after they satisfy their career ambitions.


May 5 people do everything in a hurry, even when they don't need to rush. Because of this, they experience more than their share of needless accidents. It is important that May 5 people refrain from taking unnecessary medication since it has a negative effect on their system.

Career and Finances

Outspoken and opinionated, these bright, curious, and eager people start making career plans early in life. Because of their exceptional communication skills, they make fine professors, lawyers, and writers. They are clever with money. They have uncanny judgment and can turn a small inheritance into a healthy bankroll.


Dreams and Goals

People born on May 5 are intrepid students. They never stop learning and never want to close the book on achieving the very best they can. They are adventurous, often leaving the comfort and security of a job in mid-life to train for a new career. Worldly success and money mean very little to the people born on this date. They are looking to establish a "personal best" that accords with their own standards--not those of anyone else.

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