May 30 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born May 30 are like artists who see the entire world as their canvas. These individuals are virtuosos when it comes to putting their imprint on the world around them. They have considerable mettle and can overcome adversity with ease. Their will to succeed is strong, never ruthless.


Friends and Lovers

May 30 individuals bring a great sense of joy to all of their relationships. They are curious about people and never allow their own egos to get in the way of a friendship. They are equally thoughtful in love. They have a knack for keeping their marriage fresh and interesting, even after many years with a partner.

Children and Family

Although May 30 individuals are generally easy to get along with, they often find themselves locked into a serious disagreement with a family member. Conflict may be inevitable. Since education is prized by these people, they may have a problem with offspring who do not want to pursue higher learning.


May 30 people know the value of regular exercise and may even go to great lengths to accommodate it. Yet they often fail to follow through on their professed good intentions. Because of their expansive and generous natures, self-discipline is not one of their strong points.

Career and Finances

May 30 natives are natural organizers who use this talent in every aspect of life. They often gravitate to positions of power. They have exceptional ability with money and are scrupulously honest, whether a situation involves their own or someone else's funds.


Dreams and Goals

Individuals born on May 30 have high expectations and often have secret dreams of becoming rich and famous. They always strive to seek to be a high-profile member of their own circle. They live by high standards of personal conduct and may feel a need to convince others to follow a similar path.

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