May 29 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born May 29 possess a star quality that is unrivaled by others. Their ability to sway the opinions of others is nothing short of miraculous. They possess charm, intelligence, and wit. If they lack for anything it is an introspective side. These social individuals prefer not to analyze their feelings. They gravitate toward risk and sometimes are foolhardy.


Friends and Lovers

May 29 individuals are personable and are able to make an individual feel as if he or she is the most important person in the world. They often have a frivolous attitude toward love. They shy away from intense affairs or individuals who try to "own" them.

Children and Family

May 29 people tend to be the "black sheep" of the family. This can be surprising, since their charm cloaks a decidedly rebellious nature. They make tender, sympathetic parents. Like all Gemini natives, they have an instinct for childhood and strive to develop a child's sense of independence.


Despite their lithe, youthful image, May 29 natives may actually do little to support a healthful lifestyle. They are the sort who can eat all the wrong things yet remain imperiously slim. Since they keep their emotions to themselves, outlets for their anxiety through meditation or sensory deprivation exercises are recommended.

Career and Finances

Individuals born on May 28 have a complicated nature and are drawn to many different subjects, but they prefer to learn through books rather than firsthand experience. They are not known for their ability to handle money, though they may be able to make it easily enough. They make excellent teachers and attorneys.


Dreams and Goals

May 29 natives are extremely goal-oriented. They will work hard to make a goal become a reality, but if they get bored along the way, they will toss all their hard work to the wind without a second thought. They have high ideals yet enough wisdom to know that there are times when those ideals need to be temporarily sacrificed in the name of friendship, love, or simple common sense.

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