May 25 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born May 25 are energetic and focused, and they enjoy being in life's fast lane. They have enormous ambition to succeed and often put career plans ahead of their personal relationships.


Friends and Lovers

Although they are not loners in the traditional sense, May 25 natives don't have a strong need for the company of others. Love and romance can be difficult because they refuse to give up their independence in order to form a relationship. A potential mate must be prepared to play second fiddle to career goals a great deal of the time.

Children and Family

May 25 individuals often seek to break free from the restraints of family life at an early age. These people are extremely self-sufficient. If they opt for parenthood, they tend to be distant. They can be affectionate yet may be preoccupied with career considerations.


May 25 individuals like to keep themselves in good physical condition. Since they may not be especially athletic, it is necessary for them to hone their skills by frequent workouts and great attention to diet. They have a lot of nervous energy, which needs to be either expelled through exercise or channeled toward some other pastime.

Career and Finances

May 25 natives are very career-oriented. They feel the need to expend the greatest amount of their energy on getting to the top of their profession. Money is secondary in importance to them, but they do see it as some measure of their achievement. For this reason they will work hard to make a great deal of money.


Dreams and Goals

Though their primary goals tend to be professional ones, May 25 individuals have other, more fundamental goals in mind. Their fierce struggle for success often embodies an "I'll show them" attitude, but they may actually be trying to erase the memory of hard times when they were young.

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