May 24 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Geminis born May 24 have a strong intellect and rock-hard opinions, despite the pleasant face they turn to the world. They are ably suited to handle the stresses and strains of life, even though they may appear to be emotionally fragile. Although they always manage to get their way, it's rare for them to be demanding, loud, or argumentative.


Friends and Lovers

May 24 natives have great social etiquette and enjoy being surrounded by an admiring group of friends. With their good looks and nice manners they are usually the center of attention. Though they have the potential to draw many admirers to them, they are likely to have only one great love in a lifetime.

Children and Family

Although it may appear that May 24 people have a close relationship with their family, there could actually be some problems. There can also be some issues in the relationships they share with their children. Since they usually give more of themselves to a spouse than a child, the offspring can often feel ignored.


May 24 individuals generally take good care of themselves. They like to eat, yet this is tempered by good sense and plenty of exercise. It is important that these people get plenty of sleep or they will look puffy and pale.

Career and Finances

May 24 natives can never be happy unless they pursue the career of their choice. They have a great deal of creative talent and excel in writing and music. Because of their diplomatic talents they make fine politicians. They aren't interested in money, yet they like the fancy lifestyle. They prefer spending other people's money.

Dreams and Goals

May 24 people may have great personal dreams of success in an artistic field. They believe that if something is meant to be, it will happen. Because of this fact they usually think it useless to strive for worldly success. Their personal vision is more important to them, and they will strive to realize it at all costs.


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