May 21 Birthday Astrology

The astrological symbol for Gemini, the third sign of the year, is the Twins. Numerology Sign/Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Geminis born May 21 have a great will to succeed and bend all their efforts toward that aim. They see things on a grand, even epic, scale and live their lives in a similar fashion. Because of their dedication and sense of purpose, these individuals can be seen as ruthless, even dictatorial.


Friends and Lovers

May 21 people want comrades more than they want buddies. However, they are extremely generous. In romance and love, they are less successful at keeping relationships healthy. Often they are too involved in humanitarian or social aims to make a firm commitment.

Children and Family


May 21 natives consider themselves part of the Human family. They have less confidence in the workings of a biological family, even though they may experience great closeness with their siblings. They can be strict with their own children, though their sense of fun makes them good guardians. They want to see their children succeed and will always encourage them.


Although they often appear robust and vital, May 21 people may have their share of health challenges, usually brought on through poor diet and an unwillingness to exercise on a regular basis. Sensible eating, rather than dieting to reduce, is best.


Career and Finances

May 21 people are intelligent rather than bright, learned rather than educated. They prefer common-sense occupations and are often drawn to farming, mining, or high-ticket retail. They may not go into a particular career to make money, but they will make it. They prefer to save, not spend.


Dreams and Goals

Security is usually high on the list of May 21 natives, and they will work hard to ensure the achievement of that goal. They have creative abilities that they may not market through a career path, but which they enjoy displaying via hobbies or pastimes.



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