May 18 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Tauruses born on May 18 are characterized by love of freedom and independence. These individuals are temperamental, lovable and exasperating; they make it impossible for others to be indifferent toward them. They possess extraordinary creative energy, and they are never without an important cause to champion. They enjoy taking risks, but only when they believe the risk really matters.


Friends and Lovers

May 18 individuals favor a large circle of friends who share their love of sports and good conversation. They are likely to have only a few close friends. They often have troubled love lives. Because they are extremely emotional, breakups are hard for them. Their strong sexual nature often leads them to make some poor choices in love matters.

Children and Family

May 18 people often stand alone within the family. Either they distance themselves from the family at an early age or their chosen life-path creates a breach. Parenting is not often at the top of the list of priorities for them. These dedicated, driven people often need to fulfill a personal or career ambition first.


May 18 people have high energy and a strong constitution. They adapt well to a daily physical regimen of exercise and toning. They should also be aware of the benefits of showing their emotions. When these people bottle up their rage, they can experience headaches, indigestion, and other physical complaints.

Career and Finances

May 18 natives have a single-minded approach to career goals. As a rule, most decided early in life what they wanted to do and are not likely to deviate from that path. Their independent spirit makes them ideally suited to careers where they are their own boss, or are at least autonomous within a larger structure.


Dreams and Goals

May 18 people want to make it on their own. These individuals can never be accused of getting somewhere due to nepotism or favoritism. No matter how successful they become, they never forget their roots and may even draw upon them for inspiration. They are deceptively ambitious, a fact that may go unnoticed.

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