May 1 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

A Taurus born on May 1 has an indomitable will and endless ambition. The energy of these individuals inspires everyone around them. They make natural leaders.


Friends and Lovers

May 1 individuals bring out the very best in their compatriots and are often responsible for helping their friends make important decisions. Romance is a positive, energizing emotion in their lives. They don't just fall in love, they live through it with a vigor that has a transcendental effect upon themselves and their partner.

Children and Family

The ability of May 1 natives to draw the very best from their familial experience has much to do with their generally happy and successful lives. They take an energetic role in raising their children but are unlikely to sculpt out any pathway for the kids, hoping their youngsters will be fair-minded in assessing their own performance.


May 1 people take good health habits as a matter of course, integrating them into their everyday lives. Instead of joining a gym or purchasing expensive in-home equipment, they prefer to do their own housework, yardwork, and home repairs. It's all part of their desire to keep their lives as uncomplicated and "real" as possible.

Career and Finances

With so many talents at their disposal, it's amazing that all May 1 individuals aren't success stories. Despite their natural charm, they are much more at home delegating authority than taking it for themselves. The same attitude applies to finances. Money is important to them only in the way that it can bring them security and provide for family and friends.


Dreams and Goals

May 1 natives embody their goals and strive to meet them. Yet as serious as they appear to be, they have little interest in achieving success. They want to live up to their potential and see if others do the same.

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