July 9 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Although July 9 Cancers are extremely ambitious, they're likely to experience a period in their lives when their greatest talents are subjugated to the daily needs of making a living. They are great role models. They have the ability to be happy with few material possessions.


Friends and Lovers

The natural leadership and bold and kinetic energy of these people have a way of drawing friends easily. They are passionate and exciting in love matters, yet they also cling to the object of their love. This can make a relationship complicated at times, unless communication is good.

Children and Family

July 9 natives can be secretive about their family backgrounds. This could be because there was serious upset in the family unit when they were children -- or perhaps they've simply managed to reinvent themselves in a way that's more pleasing to them.


July 9 people have a strong interest in their health. They eat well and love to exercise. However, they need to supplement their diet with plenty of vitamins. They also require at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Career and Finances

July 9 natives are concerned with making a success of their lives. They have a good head for business and climb the corporate ladder easily. Because money is a great motivator for them, they handle this resource carefully. They know the value of a dollar; they're not likely to spend their hard-earned money frivolously.


Dreams and Goals

July 9 people are ambitious, positive, and eager to succeed. They will sacrifice a great deal of their time and effort in order to make their goals a reality. When July 9 folks reach their goals, especially financial ones, they are invariably generous to those they love.

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