July 8 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

July 8 Cancers are more serious-minded than they appear because their quirky personality gives them a carefree, eccentric aspect. But in truth, they have a powerful need to display their abilities. Their idealistic streak is powerful, but they don't expect things to come to them easily. They want to earn everything they have.


Friends and Lovers

July 8 people are select in the way they choose their friends. They are often put off by people who chatter too much, preferring those who are supportive yet know when to pull back. In love, they aren't especially marriage-minded. Even when they do find the right partner, they are likely to put career concerns first.

Children and Family

July 8 natives have a strong connection to their family. They rely on relatives to be their support system in challenging times. As parents, they are quite strict; they need to instill a sense of honor in their children.


Because of their disciplined nature, July 8 individuals are good about personal health and fitness. They're careful about their diet and are often fitness fanatics. They find that meditation helps them manage daily stress.

Career and Finances

July 8 natives understand the need to pursue a strategy for accomplishment yet also realize that often the best opportunities are the unexpected ones. Smart investments are no problem. They have good instincts and the discipline to put their money to work.


Dreams and Goals

These people understand that there must sometimes be a trade-off between what they want and what they can have. They need to set modest goals. They understand that money and possessions mean little unless loved ones are around to share these things.

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