July 7 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

July 7 Cancers are dedicated to self-improvement in all its forms, yet their most profound concern is to express themselves through group involvement. They have great spirituality but may be confused as to what they actually believe.


Friends and Lovers

Friendship and love are the high points in the life of July 7 individuals, yet these things are just as likely to cause them pain as happiness. When romance goes wrong, they can grieve for months, believing they will never again find someone who loves and understands them.

Children and Family

Many July 7 individuals feel a need to "rewrite" their family history. This rarely has anything to do with a wish to impress others but is more of an attempt to bring the illusion into line with the reality. They make fine parents, but it is imperative they teach their youngsters to value truth.


July 7 people often suffer from imaginary ailments. These may include headaches or feelings of malaise, usually brought on by boredom or a sense of helplessness.

Career and Finances

July 7 natives succeed in careers that carry with them an illusion of glamour. These people often feel ill at ease in the present day and prefer a simpler, more elegant time. They are often physically attractive, and they are adept on both sides of a camera lens.

Dreams and Goals

July 7 people are visionaries, illusionists, people with an artistic dream or a philosophical bent. Being able to share their special talents with others holds great excitement for them. Even though they have a loner mentality, they are not shy about letting others feel the influence of their own religious faith or spiritual conscience.


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