July 6 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

July 6 Cancers are extremely tactile and draw immense pleasure from a well-decorated and harmoniously maintained environment. While status often plays a big role in their need to be surrounded by luxury, they are basically down-to-earth and derive pleasure from helping those with fewer resources.


Friends and Lovers

July 6 natives don't like to share their friends and may seem bossy when it comes to giving advice or suggestions. They can be manipulative in romantic matters and have a hard time regaining their confidence if a love match fails. Holding on to people they care about can become an obsessive habit that is difficult for them to break.

Children and Family

Because July 6 natives want to believe that their familial relationships are good and satisfying, they may idealize their childhood into representations quite different from reality. They have a tendency to use similar techniques as they raise their children. These individuals need to understand that their little ones are better off knowing a "bad" truth than a "good" lie.


Food issues often loom large with July 6 individuals, who may eat and drink to escape their feelings. It's important they do some aerobic exercise several times a week in order to combat potential circulation problems.

Career and Finances

July 6 individuals have a marked artistic ability and are often drawn to careers in the arts, though usually in a behind-the-scenes position. They make talented designers, fashion consultants, carpenters, and decorators. Although intelligent and able, these people are also generous to a fault. They're likely to spend money they can ill-afford on friends and loved ones.


Dreams and Goals

July 6 individuals seek their happiness and accomplishment through relationships with the people they love. Even though they can be unintentionally deceitful in these matters, they are also intensely loyal.

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