July 3 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Though they may seem conventional on the surface, July 3 Cancers have a deeply mystical nature. At once eccentric and blessed with exceptionally good taste, they enjoy living the good life but never lose sight of their spiritual concerns. They always seem able to balance their material and more esoteric needs.


Friends and Lovers

July 3 natives have a great many friends,

yet few of those friends will truly know them. These individuals guard their private life closely. One reason for this is that they desire to retain their sense of mystery. When in a committed relationship, they still require a great deal of privacy and personal autonomy.

Children and Family

July 3 individuals may not have close relationships with family members, but this does not imply problems. As parents, they are likely to be extremely indulgent and liberal; discipline is likely to be minimal.


Because they often have a disorganized lifestyle, July 3 people may not be careful about their health and nutritional habits. When they are young this isn't a problem, but as they approach middle age this habit can become dangerous, especially if they don't exercise regularly.

Career and Finances

With their talent for introspection and self-study, July 3 individuals make fine counselors, therapists, and psychologists. They love to search out the truth and will go to great lengths to prove a point. They may have bizarre attitudes about money. They may choose to use cash or keep their money at home rather than in a bank.


Dreams and Goals

July 3 natives change their priorities at regular intervals. A prized goal at one period of their life may give way to some other dream a few years later. Though they are not especially goal-oriented, they are idealistic and eager to bring joy and good will into the world.

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