July 29 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Leos born on July 29 are quite set in their ways and aren't likely to be changed except by someone with exceptional skills of persuasion. They understand the value of political activism and often become advocates for a particular cause that embodies their adherence to a high standard of ethics.


Friends and Lovers

July 29 people are intensely personal and regard their relationships as opportunities to learn more about themselves. They don't make friends easily, but when they do it's usually with people who are as focused and committed as they are. In love, they hold their lovers to a high set of standards.

Children and Family

These individuals take great pride in their family tree. They draw many of their ideas from their upbringing and adapt them for use in their role as parents. They may be indulgent of their children yet possess good common sense.


High energy and a strong constitution characterize most July 29 people. Although they may not enjoy physical exercise, they understand the need to follow a regular workout plan in order to remain healthy. Diet can be a problem for them because they love food and often turn to it in times of frustration or unhappiness.

Career and Finances

July 29 folks like to be their own boss and often are entrepreneurs. It isn't money these individuals are looking for but a chance to do what they wish, without the interference of outsiders. They see money merely as a natural byproduct of their overall plan.


Dreams and Goals

July 29 natives generally have a well-organized game plan for success, which includes working however many hours it takes to get the job done. Despite their attention to career goals, they recognize the importance of maintaining strong family ties.

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