July 28 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Haughty yet lovable, Leos born on July 28 possess a personal code of ethics and a strong belief system. They have a great need to win and often hide their emotional vulnerability behind this showy aspect of their personality. They are likely to receive their greatest satisfaction in life when spiritual aims supersede materialistic ones.


Friends and Lovers

These individuals depend upon a support system of close friends and loved ones. They get along with almost everyone but put their trust in only a select few. Although possessed of a genuinely romantic nature, they often shy away from serious commitment because they fear losing their independence.

Children and Family

July 28 people believe in tradition and are likely to have been strongly influenced by their parents. They take child-rearing seriously and fashion themselves into strict parents who instill good behavior and good manners.


The concern July 28 folks have for their physical appearance acts as a great motivator for keeping themselves fit and in good health. They are careful about their diet and exist mainly on lean meat, leafy green vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. Regular, moderately paced exercise is one of the things that gives them their characteristic glow.

Career and Finances

July 28 men and women have a fierce competitive spirit, which gives them an edge in almost everything they attempt. They are extremely intelligent and usually involve themselves in careers that push their abilities to the limit. They are cautious with money.


Dreams and Goals

July 28 natives are intensely goal-oriented. Knowledge through education is one of their chief goals. They have a hunger to learn and will remain "students" throughout their lives. They are especially concerned with understanding history through the prism of experience.

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