July 24 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Despite having many natural talents and abilities, a Leo born on July 24 is not without life problems. Optimism, erring and eternal, is the keynote to this personality. They're unwilling to acknowledge the possibility of failure, which is appropriate because they nearly always succeed.


Friends and Lovers

July 24 natives like to surround themselves with plenty of happy people. Yet when they need to confide anything important and meaningful, they are likely to confide in just one or two individuals. In love, they are adventurous. Because they have charm in abundance, they are unusually appealing companions and lovers.

Children and Family

July 24 natives have a rather old-fashioned view of family life and may continue to idealize their upbringing well into adulthood. As children they accepted responsibilities easily, and they expect their own children to follow that example. They make excellent parents but may not fit the conventional image, preferring to be regarded more as a "buddy" than a disciplinarian.


Not only do July 24 people enjoy good health, they possess a remarkable athletic grace that is the envy of their friends. Unfortunately, this gift is something they may take for granted. Excesses of all kinds are common to these people. Vigorous exercise is a favorite pastime for them, yet it is hardly a constant factor.

Career and Finances

July 24 natives have a natural talent for making money. They embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and always look for an exciting new opportunity. They are restless, impulsive people who may often change jobs and even careers. Although nothing can live up to their expectations, they manage to extract amazing amounts of drama and intensity from their experiences.


Dreams and Goals

If July 24 natives have one wish, it is that they be able to shine via the force of their personality. They are unlikely to approach their goals in a linear, organized fashion. Although their successes may seem to be the result of careful planning, these are often nothing more than rewards of unshakable optimism.

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