July 22 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

July 22 Cancers are intellectually brilliant yet somewhat emotionally unstable. Their sharp wit and sharper tongue have a way of getting them into more than their share of verbal scrapes. Their edgy charm makes them appealing, yet their personality is an acquired taste.


Friends and Lovers

July 22 natives have more followers than friends, yet when they put their mind to it they can command great affection from their colleagues and associates. In romance, their eccentric, often caustic wit can work against them if a potential love interest grows weary of this constant verbal fencing.

Children and Family

July 22 people may have been raised in an atmosphere of competition, where word battles were tolerated or even encouraged. As parents, they are determined to foster an open dialogue so that their youngsters won't hesitate to come to them with problems.


Although July 22 natives have a strong physical constitution, they're prone to a myriad of mystery ailments and injuries throughout life. These are often brought on by their indifference to common-sense habits. Their appetite is small, and they may favor a juice fast as a means to restore energy when they're feeling under the weather.

Career and Finances

July 22 natives have enormous ambition to succeed in their chosen careers. They are good at handling work-related tasks with little or no supervision. The people born on this day like to feel that their efforts are appreciated and may change jobs or careers several times to receive the sort of pay they believe they deserve.


Dreams and Goals

The dreams of July 22 natives are limitless. When they see the vast potentials and opportunities open to them, they're challenged to go as far as their abilities will take them. They want success but not in order to prove anything to themselves. They have old-fashioned values and believe that anything worth having is worth working hard to obtain.

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