July 21 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

July 21 Cancers experience a unique conflict between a need to be conventional and a desire to be original. At the core of their being, they are extremely sensitive and may suffer much more than is apparent to others.


Friends and Lovers

Strongly competitive, July 21 natives tend to choose friends who have a similar temperament. This makes it difficult for them to form a bond of trust. They may experience the same problem in their romantic involvements. They need to see just how secure the relationship is to determine whether or not they can trust a love interest.

Children and Family

July 21 people usually bring a great deal of baggage from childhood into their adult lives. If they can reconcile their relationships with their parents, they can become happy in their own roles as parents.


July 21 natives like to live and play hard. That can mean giving in to all forms of obsessive or addictive behavior. Smoking and drinking are two typical addictions that they must learn to give up. Learning to substitute fresh fruit juice -- especially pineapple, which soothes the throat -- and water for alcohol is a positive step forward.

Career and Finances

Exceedingly talented and capable of great things, July 21 individuals must match their abilities with discipline or they may never live up to their full potential. Money matters can be a source of considerable stress. Spending has a therapeutic effect, yet for obvious reasons it can be potentially damaging.


Dreams and Goals

July 21 natives may seem to believe in themselves and in their goals, yet a small core of doubt may reside deep in their hearts. They need to learn how to deal with minor failures without allowing these to discourage their pursuit of their goals.

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