July 20 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Integrity is everything to Cancers born on July 20. Although critical by nature, they never seem self-righteous. They have a gentle yet determined nature, possess a loving heart, and can see the positive side of any situation.


Friends and Lovers

These sensitive souls make excellent friends who have extraordinary concern and sympathy for the people they love. Not surprisingly, they are thoughtful lovers. They have an almost naive level of trust in their partner's goodness and have a love of domestic life.

Children and Family

July 20 natives have a profoundly nurturing spirit. They are affectionate, perhaps overly cautious parents who try too hard to shelter their youngsters from life's problems.


Health problems of July 20 natives are often related to psychological or emotional trauma. Though unenthusiastic about exercise, they do respond to more artistic endeavors such as dancing or skating.

Career and Finances

July 20 people need to express their deepest inner drives through their work. They seldom take a job simply for financial considerations. When these individuals are blessed with a good income, they exhibit incredible generosity.


Dreams and Goals

July 20 natives are extremely talented but are unlikely to realize their potential unless they have the approval and support of others. The ability to sustain a happy personal life and successful professional life is one of their chief aims.

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