July 19 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

July 19 Cancers are quiet and inscrutable. They possess a generally sweet temperament and a true love of people. They don't try to grab the spotlight, though they're often thrust unwillingly into it.


Friends and Lovers

July 19 people are sentimental about their relationships. They keep the same circle of friends for many years. They often fall in love deeply and completely.

Children and Family

Family ties have deep significance for July 19 individuals, who have enormous respect for their parents. They make good parents, though at times they may expect more than their children are able to give.


Health is generally good for July 19 people. They have a high energy level that's matched by their sense of emotional equilibrium. They aren't fanatics about exercise but like to keep fit by doing practical things.

Career and Finances

July 19 people have a great need to make their feelings known to others and may choose careers in communications, theater, or radio. They know how to enjoy money but are sensible enough to realize the value of putting some aside for a rainy day.


Dreams and Goals

July 19 natives want to feel good about themselves. They're usually able to achieve this by doing their best in everything they attempt. They have a fondness for travel and may set some awesome goals for themselves related to trips in exotic locales.

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