July 17 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

July 17 Cancers are committed to excellence and achievement. Although they may have a decided weakness for flattery, they are not self-assured and often hide behind a facade of sophistication. They also have a wickedly entertaining sense of humor.


Friends and Lovers

The friendships of July 17 individuals usually cast them in the additional roles of confidante and mentor. In love, these highly competent people are sometimes drawn into relationships that challenge their life-philosophy.

Children and Family

Even if they're not the oldest child in the family, July 17 natives will be looked upon by others as the most responsible, the most capable. This can create unfair pressures on them. Because of this upbringing, they are less likely to inflict similar pressures upon their own children.


July 17 individuals keep a close watch on their health; they're especially careful about what they eat. They work out regularly and enjoy competitive sports. The one thing missing from their health regimen is a way to relax. These people strive for perfection, which can cause stress.

Career and Finances

July 17 individuals are business-oriented and keep an eye on the professional ladder. They have great emotional stamina and are patient, understanding that they must wait their turn for success. In finance, they are scrupulously honest and want only what they've earned.


Dreams and Goals

July 17 natives plan their achievements in an organized and efficient way. They realize that even though long-range goals are important, they can't ignore the day-to-day details.

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