July 16 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

July 16 Cancers are spiritual, with an innate sense of self. Although quiet, introspective, and seemingly shy, they have a strong will. They use the power of their positive attitude to get them through tough times. They hope for good things to happen but are never surprised when the opposite occurs.


Friends and Lovers

July 16 natives are not especially social yet seek out intimate friendships and love affairs with people whose lives they can affect positively.

Children and Family

Reincarnation is often the key element in the story of July 16 people and their families. In cases where there has been unhappiness between parties in an earlier incarnation, the people involved in the current relationship will inevitably seek to work out their differences. They often feel this powerful karmic tie for the first time when they become parents.


Because of their extreme spiritual sensitivity, July 16 men and women sometimes suffer from ailments that seem to have no cause but that are actually created by past-life traumas. Of course, they should first look for answers on the current plane, but if these are not forthcoming, they need to consult a reputable past-life regression therapist.

Career and Finances

July 16 people have a great deal of artistic talent. They're often drawn to careers that allow them to express themselves creatively. Money is relatively inconsequential to them. They are more concerned with expressing their sensitivity in a positive way.


Dreams and Goals

July 16 natives have the ability to reach the highest levels of spirituality, and if they are open to all the positive influences around them, they'll be able to leave this life even more enriched than when they came into it. Material goals are rarely their focus. Rather, they feel the need to connect with loved ones on an emotional level.

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