July 11 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Though kind and generous people, July 11 Cancers may not always appear to be on top of the world, because their happy nature is something they often keep within themselves. Although they love people, they have the temperament of a loner.


Friends and Lovers

Friends play an important part in the lives of July 11 individuals. Self-sufficient, these people nevertheless need to reach out to others. In romance, they want someone who can share their deepest feelings and fantasies.

Children and Family

July 11 natives not only require the love and support of a strong family unit, but they're willing to give the same in return. They make good parents, though they have a tendency to be staunch disciplinarians. They believe that children learn best when parents set a strong example and stick by it.


Because their health is based on emotion, July 11 people are ailment-free when they feel at peace with themselves. But on those occasions when they feel unhappy, they may experience headaches or a loss of appetite. They have the same emotion-based reaction to exercise and fitness.

Career and Finances

July 11 natives need to feel emotionally involved in their work and will never be happy with an unfulfilling job, even if it brings them a good living. Money isn't a primary concern for most of them, but they like creature comforts. Sometimes they react to money in an emotional way, using it to fill an emptiness in their life.


Dreams and Goals

These individuals are more concerned with how they feel about their lives than how successful they are. If they're content in their personal relationships and in the work they do each day, they feel as if their dreams have come true.

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