July 10 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

July 10 Cancers are more conventional than they appear. Although willful, they also possess considerable self-discipline. They surround themselves with expensive possessions, yet what really dazzles them is the realization that it's all been made possible by their hard work.


Friends and Lovers

Friendships come easily to these folks. In love and romance, they prefer stability. They dread having to deal with pangs of unhappiness or jealousy and want to know from the start of the relationship just where it's going.

Children and Family

July 10 natives come from secure, stable families. They like to present what is good in themselves as reflections of their parents. As parents, they are active and loving. Although they may be somewhat narrow-minded in their approach, they're eager to give their kids a good start.


Good health comes naturally to these individuals, though bad habits can put that health in jeopardy. Rather than put themselves at risk with one dubious diet after another, they should select a sensible eating plan and stick with it for life. They should eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables and lean meat.

Career and Finances

July 10 people are talented in many respects and do especially well in work that makes use of their wonderful organizational ability. They are equally skilled in making money. They aren't flashy and usually opt for a sensible approach.


Dreams and Goals

July 10 individuals prefer tangible evidence of their efforts, so their goals are often material ones. When they do allow themselves to dream more aesthetically, they support goals relating to self-improvement. Good health and being a loving parent and faithful spouse are high on their list of aspirations.

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