July 1 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Cancers born on July 1 are extraordinary people who spend their entire lives striving for perfection. They have great emotional fragility, yet their spirit is actually strong. Even though they are good-hearted and generous, these people seem to draw complications and controversy into their midst.


Friends and Lovers

July 1 individuals need a diverse group of friends who will understand their varied and sometimes dark moods and sympathize with them. In love and romance, they have an idealistic view of what it should be and are sure to be disillusioned at some point in their lives.

Children and Family

These sensitive individuals are tied to childhood memories. It doesn't matter if the memories themselves are happy or unhappy -- the July 1 person will hold on to them. As parents, they have a loving nature and a genuine sweetness; this provides a happy haven for their children.


Regular exercise not only helps to keep July 1 natives in good physical condition, it also serves as a liberating factor. When they vent their emotionalism through a good workout, they feel healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

Career and Finances

July 1 natives often seek careers in the caring professions. They make excellent nurses, counselors, and teachers. Finances are generally favorable for these individuals. They have a good head for business and can usually manage their own money.


Dreams and Goals

The ambitions of July 1 individuals are usually quite modest; they need to feel secure and happy in their domestic lives and will sacrifice a great deal to make this come true. They are humanitarian and often spend a good deal of their spare time helping friends.

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