How Horoscopes Work

What can Horoscopes Tell Us?

Now that we've covered the ways in which astrologers develop their readings, what sorts of things can they tell us? A quick look at a newspaper horoscope shows us that astrological readings of this type resemble personality profiles, with relationship advice and guidelines for the right times to make important financial decisions included. Some astrologers will even try to make specific future predictions, but most astrological readings tend to stay close to the "personal advice" formula.

However, a full, professional reading can be extremely detailed, packed with information about the interactions of the various astrological elements and how they affect the subject. Even if you believe that the stars can't possibly exert any influence over human lives, it can still be beneficial (or at least interesting) to read a psychological profile and consider how it relates to your own life. How you respond to authority, what you look for in a relationship, how you relate to your parents and your typical reaction when your boss asks you to work late are all things you might not examine thoroughly -- and if you do examine them, it's often not in relation to everything else going on in your life. A good astrological reading can bring these things together and force the subject to examine him or herself in a new light, possibly drawing important conclusions or making changes for the better.


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