December 4 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

A risk-taker who never plays it safe, a Sagittarius born on December 4 typically has revolutionary opinions and is a trend-setter. They can be difficult to get along with, especially when they refuse to back down from an argument. December 4 men and women enjoy being different, as their eccentric attitude makes clear. At some point they usually get involved in New Age studies.


Friends and Lovers

People born on this date have little interest

in conventional relationships. They like living on the edge, and that means drawing interesting, even bizarre, people into their orbit. In romantic situations, they make their own rules. They often shy away from long-term commitment, preferring to stay unattached.

Children and Family

December 4 men and women maintain a respectful distance from family members. This doesn't reflect a lack of love -- merely their need to blaze their own trail. They don't believe in burdening their own children with too many rules. In fact, they may actually encourage their kids' opposition, just to help them learn independence.


December 4 men and women are extremists, and their attitude toward their health often reflects this. They are either fanatics about maintaining good health or extremely careless. To these iconoclastic folks, feeling young means thinking young. They don't believe in chronological age -- one of the reasons they seem ageless.

Career and Finances

December 4 individuals love electronic gadgetry and often look for careers in those fields. Many have a high level of analytical intelligence. Despite their brilliance, they are often careless about money. This usually reveals their disinterest.


Dreams and Goals

"Don't fence me in" could be the motto of December 4 natives. They desire personal freedom, and they will go to great lengths to achieve it. They have a genius for taking advantage of spontaneous twists of fate. An ability to capitalize on the vagaries of existence is something few people can fully implement.

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