December 20 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

The strong psychic and emotional nature of a December 20 Sagittarius belies an outwardly breezy attitude. Their personality is like a chameleon that offers something different to everyone. Attracted to tradition and the status quo, they retain strong ties to their past. They may struggle to break free of the image others have of them.


Friends and Lovers

As friends, December 20 natives choose people they admire and would like to

emulate. There is often an element of hero worship in these relationships. They have a somewhat old-fashioned view of romance

and may subconsciously seek to connect

with individuals who favor their idea of love and a happily-ever-after mentality.

Children and Family

Family relationships have importance for December 20 natives. They feel most complete when part of a group. Many are ambivalent about having children because they fear a loss of freedom. Yet once they become parents, they fit the role almost magically.


December 20 people eat what they want, exercise when they please, and generally do their own thing. They can thank their positive attitude for their health and vitality. Whatever comes their way, they're able to adopt a philosophical approach and refuse to let anything get to them.

Career and Finances

People born on this date usually choose a career that allows them to use their curiosity and psychic intuition. They have great wisdom and sensitivity. They are unlikely to be interested in money. They may choose a profession that pays for travel expenses.


Dreams and Goals

December 20 people are fascinated with the world and look for ways to use their abilities to bring new experiences into their lives. They balance professional and personal goals without losing sight of either. They are able to deal with defeats and delays in a positive manner and are always ready to try again.

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