December 18 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

A Sagittarius born on December 18 is a go-getter, yet they are never aggressive or abrasive in their dealings with others. They have an open, generous nature and a sharp sense of humor. When they are dedicated to a concept, they will fight tirelessly to protect and support it. They are often modest about their talents while unduly proud of lesser accomplishments.


Friends and Lovers

December 18 natives are capable of achieving dizzying heights of friendship.

They give a great deal of loyalty and may

feel protective of close friends. They have

the potential to be powerfully committed in a love relationship or marriage. Whatever fa├žade they adopt, they actually possess a great deal of romantic sentimentality.

Children and Family

When December 18 individuals succeed in life, it's because of the understanding and emotional support they received as children. As parents, they are sensitive and caring. Although they are generally most concerned about their marital relationship, they give their children the understanding and affection they received.


Many December 18 natives retain their youthful exuberance. Their "no worries" policy is one of their best-kept health secrets. As long as they take relatively good care of themselves, they can expect to enjoy health and vitality. The key is moderation.

Career and Finances

People born on this date need to be excited about their work -- they want to wake up eager to go to work. If their career can't support that enthusiasm, they'll look for something that does. Money matters are usually stable. They don't equate money with success, but they are concerned with maintaining a standard of living.


Dreams and Goals

An ability to express themselves through their work and their relationships is one of the goals of December 18 people. These men and women don't believe in putting limits on what they can achieve. At the same time, they don't expect anything to come to them without a lot of hard work and effort.

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