December 14 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

A Sagittarius born on December 14 can juggle a variety of tasks and responsibilities. Good-natured and friendly, they make wonderful cheerleaders for the goals and ambitions of others. They remain enthusiastic and full of optimism no matter the circumstance.


Friends and Lovers

Men and women born on this date never differentiate between good, old, or best friends. Their love affairs and even marriage are grounded in friendship. They have a communal attitude about relationships and are capable of grouping everyone they love and considering the result one big collage of human happiness.

Children and Family

It's typical for Sagittarian types to grow up happily in a family, rebel, separate, then make up later. December 14 people fit this description. They aren't big on commitment, though if they do become parents they often surprise themselves with the depth of their love.


December 14 people brag about never being sick, though they often take their vitality for granted. They have an interest in crystal balancing, aura cleansing, and chakra adjustment -- and they couldn't care less how odd or trendy it may seem.

Career and Finances

December 14 people are the original show people. Deep down they want someone to make them a "star." When this does not come true, they're likely to turn their interest to other creative endeavors. They have an almost naive contempt for money and refuse to let it influence their choices.


Dreams and Goals

To be, to think, to do, to express -- these are the goals of December 14 natives. They have little interest in putting together a linear plan of life and achievement. If it feels good, if it helps someone, if it creates beauty for even an instant, they go for it. To unplug themselves from the workaday world is something they need.

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