August 7 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Leos born on August 7 like to make great mysteries of even the smallest things and refuse to live their lives according to convention. These are attractive, magnetic people who have an unabashed need to play mind-games in order to seduce others, emotionally and spiritually.


Friends and Lovers

Friendships can be rewarding for these individuals, as long as they feel comfortable enough with their pals that they can express their deepest feelings. In romance, mystery and intrigue is the centerpiece of life for them. They have a tendency to enjoy clandestine love affairs, even when there's no reason for it to be secret!

Children and Family

The family background of August 7 individuals is often a closely guarded secret. As parents, they will encourage their children to indulge their own uniqueness and special talents.


August 7 natives have a sensitive constitution and will invariably react negatively if they subject their bodies to great amounts of prescription medicine or alcohol. They may suffer from periodic sleep disorders, which can be troublesome since they rely on a rich dream life to help them sort out emotional and spiritual concerns.

Career and Finances

August 7 people are drawn to drawing, writing, photography, dancing, modeling, or acting. If they do not pursue these avenues as a career, they should at least have one of them as a hobby. Since they are not particularly good at handling money, they should probably hire a professional to handle their financial affairs.


Dreams and Goals

Although not necessarily religious, these mystical individuals have a need to believe in something greater than themselves. Once they have established this connection they are likely to see their goals become reality, since this gives them the focus they need.

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