August 6 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Leos born on August 6 are good-tempered and pleasant. From an early age they have a need to live up to their own potential. They are exceptionally ambitious. They know the worth of self-actualization and are constantly looking for a way to train their talents and bend them toward something important and interesting.


Friends and Lovers

August 6 natives enjoy the social aspects of friendship but are more concerned with putting down lifetime emotional roots. Love affairs are usually happy. They enjoy playing the field, yet once they find themselves in love, they walk down that aisle.

Children and Family

August 6 individuals are affectionate and are devoted to their family. They make good parents, and if they have no children of their own they often form bonds with nephews, nieces, or the children of friends.


Even though they possess good health, August 6 natives can easily undercut their energy with bad habits. Despite these bad habits, they strive to go to great lengths to look their best.

Career and Finances

Because they are personally charming, August 6 people do well in careers that put them in front of an audience. The smart handling of money is not their strong suit; they often spend money faster than they earn it.


Dreams and Goals

Happiness and personal security are major goals of August 6 individuals. They are likely to be artistic but may not make a career of their abilities. They need the backing of loved ones and friends to help them believe in their own abilities.

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