August 5 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Leos born on August 5 are intelligent and witty, with a flair for good conversation. On rare occasions they can be sarcastic, but they are generally good-natured and unwilling to use their wit to sting others. However, they can be dogmatic about their ideas and will argue a point for hours to change someone else's opinion to jibe with their own.


Friends and Lovers

August 5 natives love to be surrounded by friends. Since conversation is their major form of entertainment, these people usually seek out friends who are smart and informed. In romance, they fall in love easily but find it difficult to make a long-term commitment. If they marry, it's often to someone who started out as a friend.

Children and Family

August 5 people often have a rather contentious relationship with family members. They have a loving yet casual attitude toward parenthood, believing that children are only lent, not given to them for keeps.


August 5 people are often high-strung and obsessively active. They seem to get along on nervous energy -- which is quite likely, since their nutrition is inadequate. They often base their diet more on convenience than common sense.

Career and Finances

August 5 individuals live for communication, and they gravitate to jobs that let them indulge this passion. They're also adept at computer-related professions, especially software design and system analysis. They have the ability to make money, but this is also tied to their ability to communicate.


Dreams and Goals

August 5 individuals have a great many goals but may have trouble focusing their energy well enough or long enough to make them come true. Given their pride in their intellect and their ideas, these people have a great need to inspire others.

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