August 26 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Virgos born on August 26 possess a strong sense of purpose. They have a great devotion to fairness and a desire to apply their energies for the benefit of others. They are quiet and introspective. They don't make a show of themselves and prefer not to be put in the spotlight.


Friends and Lovers

August 26 natives depend on their relationships to give them emotional support. They give friends unconditional support as well as good advice. In romance, they are less sure of themselves. They make loving partners but need to sharpen their communication skills.

Children and Family

August 26 people have a strong connection to family, even though the relationship with their parents may have been troubled. Using what they learned is their ticket to being a good parent. August 26 people should learn to be more trusting of their instincts.


Like many Virgo natives, they are fanatics about their health. They usually strike a balance between conventional wisdom and a New Age approach. Exercise is key to good health.

Career and Finances

August 26 men and women have many talents, though they may need encouragement. They excel as teachers and professors, and in medical or scientific research, banking, or journalism. August 26 people are conservative in the way they handle their finances.


Dreams and Goals

August 26 men and women aren't as concerned with success as they are with getting things done well. They aren't competitive and prefer to take the middle road. They are careful planners who take one step at a time toward making a dream come true.

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