August 23 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Virgos born on August 23 have a mercurial, kinetic charm that brings them great affection. Their graceful bearing combines with a light touch of sophistication. They are guileless, nice individuals. They are successful hosts because they're constantly looking after the happiness of others.


Friends and Lovers

Everyone wants to be friends with August 23 people. These friendly, energetic souls are so likable it's difficult to resist them. Thoughtful and kind, they have a hands-on approach to friendship. Romance generally leads to marriage for August 23 people.

Children and Family

Not every August 23 individual is the product of an ideal household, yet to hear them talk it may seem so. Parenthood is one of their great joys. If they don't have children, they are likely to involve themselves with youngsters through humanitarian or charity organizations.


August 23 individuals have definite ideas about health. Either they ascribe to a strictly holistic regimen, or they conform to a more conventional outlook -- but they're sticklers for following a prescribed method. They're very big on exercise.

Career and Finances

People born on this date are team players. Within this context they can accomplish amazing things, and usually do. Financial success is not a routine part of the game plan; they're good at getting along on a regular wage. But if they do happen onto a fortune, these people are sure to share it.


Dreams and Goals

August 23 people achieve their goals in an orderly, practical manner. They learn from every experience and use those lessons to their own best advantage. Because of their enthusiastic nature, they never lose faith in their ability to make things happen. If their goals are sidetracked, they look on it as an opportunity to regroup.

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