August 20 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Leos born on August 20 like keeping secrets, even from those closest to them. Although this can be a reaction to their desire to maintain mystery, it responds to a more primal need. They are sensitive and feel the disappointments and sadness of loved ones as keenly as they feel their own.


Friends and Lovers

There is a genuine sweetness in the personality of August 20 individuals. They have a real talent for making friends and are good at helping shy people come out of their protective emotional shells. Passion and obsession characterize their love lives. When these men and women fall in love they throw all caution to the wind.

Children and Family

August 20 individuals often conceal the true nature of their upbringing. Paradoxically, perhaps, it is their background that makes them such good parents. They often seek to repair their relationships with their own parents through their own parenthood.


These individuals may not possess the high energy level of other Leos. Even when they do feel good about themselves, they are somewhat indolent and may shy away from exercise.

Career and Finances

August 20 people need to be emotionally involved in their work in order to be happy. Just a job, even a well-paying one, doesn't cut it for these people. Because of their unsettled circumstances, they may have to temporarily move back with their parents if finances become strained. It's important that during this period they believe in themselves.


Dreams and Goals

August 20 individuals are sometimes shy about letting others know about their deepest wishes, because they are afraid of the judgment that may come with it. They have great determination and the will to succeed. As long as they retain these gifts they can look forward to the success they deserve.

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