August 2 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Leos born on August 2 have an edgy personality that makes them interesting to others. They are often extremely good-looking individuals who have a desire to shock others with stories about their wild past. Even though these stories are often exaggerated, they see them as part of their "legend."


Friends and Lovers

August 2 people believe that there is no such thing as having too many friends. They often lead an exciting yet troubled love life. They aren't really made for domestic bliss and seem to prefer playing the field for many years. They fall in love in a big way and often break up in a storm of recrimination.

Children and Family

Family is not usually a critical matter in the lives of August 2 individuals. As parents, they can indulge their own youthful nature by becoming part of a child's world and reconcile unhappy memories from the past through the healing miracle of love.


August 2 people live life to the fullest. They are rarely careful about their diet and seldom, if ever, get enough sleep. They require plenty of vitamins and minerals in order to facilitate their good health.

Career and Finances

August 2 people like professions where they are on display. They have an outgoing, joyous personality that lends itself to success as a performer, model, or attorney. They are good at making money and even better at handling it. There is plenty of potential for becoming wealthy, as long as they have the discipline to follow through on their creative ideas and concepts.


Dreams and Goals

August 2 people see no barriers to making their goals come true. They want it all and have the chance to achieve their dreams if they keep their enthusiasm at a high pitch. Their one professional failing, lax work habits, must be corrected.

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