August 18 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

Leos born on August 18 have great mental and physical endurance. They have a penchant for taking chances and get a thrill out of living dangerously. Their boldness is part of their attractiveness, which is heightened by their natural charm and good looks.


Friends and Lovers

August 18 people prefer to keep their friendships on an intimate level. Because they have the ability to inspire, they make fine mentors as well as friends. The sincerity that marks the character of these people is also in evidence in their romantic relationships. They don't believe in playing a part and will always be honest in what they say to a date or mate.

Children and Family

August 18 natives are likely to maintain close ties to their family, especially to a parent or other authority figure. They take an active role in raising their children. Although indulgent, they understand that it is better to err on the side of strictness.


August 18 natives have a genuine love for good food, which is surpassed only by their love of physical activity. These people like working with their hands and enjoy getting a workout by doing a lot of the household chores.

Career and Finances

August 18 people enjoy any job or career that gives them chances to engage their leadership potential. They are also extremely creative. If properly motivated, they can excel in various artistic fields. They are not at their best when handling financial matters. They are often generous to a fault and tend to make unwise decisions.


Dreams and Goals

August 18 natives believe in themselves and know that they have the grit and determination to make their mark. They will continue to work at their aims, doing everything they can to bring a dream to fruition.

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