August 15 Birthday Astrology

Leos born on August 15 have enormous leadership potential. They may seem egotistical but are savvy about their own abilities, and they can size up their accomplishments with objectivity. They see the big picture better than almost anyone and yet can appreciate the value of details.

Friends and Lovers


August 15 individuals are devoted to their friends. They frequently pursue several distinct levels of friendship, both social and personal. They are extremely romantic and have a reputation for being great lovers. Scandal has a way of finding them, and their behavior may be called into question on many occasions.

Children and Family

Family matters can be the thorn in the side of August 15 individuals. They are loving, involved parents who may not truly come into their own until they have children.


August 15 people have vigorous good health, which can be undermined only by their own bad habits. If they wish to remain in good shape -- and most August 15 natives do -- they'll eventually find a workout regimen that's appropriate for them.

Career and Finances

These ambitious go-getters have a great desire to make it to the top of the professional ladder but are equally concerned with the methods that may propel them there. They like to live sumptuously and enjoy the respect that comes from earning a good salary.

Dreams and Goals

August 15 individuals have the ability to see beyond the infinite and don't allow themselves to see any impediment to their success. They know that everyone trips up at one time or another, but to them the stumbles are merely incentives to make them try harder.



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