August 14 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

A Leo born on August 14 is perplexing, infuriating, and different. These folks manage to keep their true selves carefully hidden from even their closest friends. This is a subtle defense mechanism that allows them to retain their autonomy without sacrificing the illusions held by others. Their charm attracts people effortlessly.


Friends and Lovers

Friendship provides a road of discovery for August 14 people. Because of their strong personalities, the powerful impressions they make upon friends will be treasured. In romance, trust is a difficult issue for them. Idealism can add a false note to a love match, but in the right hands it can lead to a rhapsodic relationship filled with passion.

Children and Family

August 14 natives have a persistent need to remake the past, embellishing upon childhood memories until they barely resemble the original experience. They are determined to give their own children a good start in life, often going to extremes in a sincere effort to see that their youngsters have everything.


Undisciplined and headstrong, these people do not submit happily to any form of censure in the way they eat, drink, and generally care for themselves. Generally healthy, they can go for long periods without sleep; in fact, their powers of concentration may be greater at such times.

Career and Finances

August 14 people are late bloomers and are often well into adulthood before they find their professional niche. They have a cavalier attitude toward money. They spend generously on themselves and others, but are lax about putting money away for the future. They have good investment sense but need professional advice.


Dreams and Goals

August 14 people do not rely on a succession of moves or a planned strategy in order to achieve their goals. In the rare instances when they do address goals by plotting a careful course, they are able to draw upon amazing reserves of will power.

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