August 11 Birthday Astrology

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A Leo born on August 11 possesses a great curiosity about life. Crispin la valiente / Getty Images

A Leo born on August 11 possesses a great sense of curiosity about life. Often quiet and reserved, these people may seem distant in their personal and professional relationships, yet they are actually sensitive and caring. They have amazing patience and are rarely seen to lose their composure.

Friends and Lovers


August 11 natives have a difficult time making close friends because it's hard for these people to show or share their deep emotions. They have a similar problem with romance. They are serious about relationships and are unlikely to get involved in casual affairs. Love equals marriage as far as they are concerned.

Children and Family

August 11 people tend to have a lot of emotionally charged issues relating to their childhood and background. Happily, they make good parents. They are able to put aside their own "invasion issues" and allow their own children to have a great deal of freedom.


If August 11 people have problems with their health, it is usually because of emotional issues they are not ready to face. They should seek out a licensed holistic healer who may be able to link the root cause of their ailments to a workable cure.

Career and Finances

These individuals are often drawn to the caring professions such as nursing, therapy, social services, or the clergy. They rarely go into a profession because of its monetary rewards. They enjoy nice surroundings and are not averse to the finer things of life.

Dreams and Goals

August 11 natives need to feel as if the service or friendship they provide to people is as invaluable as breathing. They don't expect their professional success to come overnight. They meet their goals without personal fanfare.



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