August 10 Birthday Astrology

Although Leos born on August 10 have talents or resources that mark them as different, their greatest wish is to be part of the crowd. They have leadership skills, and yet they know they have the best chance to achieve personal goals through group activities.


Friends and Lovers

August 10 people don't so much have friends as followers. They are romantic idealists who may endow their lover or partner with amazing characteristics that the other person may not possess.

Children and Family


August 10 natives owe their success to their fortunate beginnings. They may have found a mentor who guided them in their life path. They give the same sort of encouragement to their own children. Although likely to be busy, they do everything in their power to make a good life for their little ones.


August 10 natives have remarkably good health, though they may not do much to maintain it. If they see that some of their health choices have not been good ones, they're sensible enough to realize that changes are in order.

Career and Finances

August 10 people seem to see themselves as first among equals. Although they crave the spotlight, they also seek anonymity. They know they have talent but don't always know what to do with it. They often make a great deal of money but are likely to run through it.

Dreams and Goals

The goals of August 10 natives change so often they may have difficulty remembering just what it was they originally wanted. Their greatest satisfaction is found in personal relationships.



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