April 30 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

A Taurus born on April 30 often leads life on different terms than may be their choice. They seem destined to have their life-path influenced from an early age. April 30 natives enjoy playing for high stakes in life. This natural tendency toward gambling is something that never leaves them.

Exploration, family values, living in the present


Friends and Lovers

April 30 men and women simply cannot have too many friends. They look to their close associates to help them through emotional highs and lows. Romance and love important to these people, but they must be supported by having plenty in common with their mate.

Children and Family

April 30 natives have a generally favorable relationship with family members. They are often surprised to find themselves well-suited to parenthood. They have a natural understanding of a child's world and may seem to be more of a pal than an authority figure. They provide a disciplined environment that teaches values and responsibility.


April 30 people are naturally sturdy and do not need to do much to enhance their good health. They have an active lifestyle that often includes walking, hiking, biking, and competitive sports. Many have the potential to pursue an athletic career.

Career and Finances

Career choices that result in financial security and the chance to travel grab the attention of April 30 people. It is not uncommon for them to become fabulously rich. They have incredible instincts for making their money grow, and even though they may spend money lavishly, they never fail to give equal attention to savings.


Dreams and Goals

April 30 individuals are ambitious and are continually working to make a success of their lives. However, they aren't fond of making heavy sacrifices in order to make their dreams come true. They believe they can have it all and generally end up having exactly that!

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