April 26 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

A Taurus born on April 26 will have fine judgment and seem to possess an instinct for making the right decision at the opportune time. There is a serious side that isn't always noticeable beneath their amiable exteriors. There is also likely to be some secret lurking in their past.


Friends and Lovers

April 26 individuals inspire sincere affection even from casual acquaintances, which helps to explain why their true friends are so devoted to them. In love, their feelings run deep; however, they are unlikely to become involved in a relationship that has too much emotional stress or is too demanding.

Children and Family

April 26 people often find themselves in a position of familial authority or responsibility at a young age. As parents, they are likely to impose their view of responsibility on their own children; conflict between the generations is inevitable.


People born on April 26 are likely to have nervous complaints brought on by tension, overwork, and an inability to relax. It's important that these individuals eat a high-protein diet.

Career and Finances

Even as children, April 26 individuals show a true interest in a particular career path. Money is important to them. It serves as both a reward for their many sacrifices and a validation of what they have accomplished through their dogged determination.


Dreams and Goals

To April 26 people, success is always the result of hard work. They have a healthy respect for talent and ability but do not think that anything meaningful can be accomplished without sacrifice. They believe in the ability of the mind to affect tangible results.

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