April 23 Birthday Astrology

By: Jill M. Phillips

A Taurus born on April 23 has a brilliant and original mind. They are joyous, irrepressible individuals who have the gift of making other people happy. Variety, not constancy, is what makes their lives worth living.


Friends and Lovers

Because they have singular likes and dislikes, April 23 people are particular about their relationships. They have a wide variety of friends, but few really know them. In love, they gravitate to someone who shares their love of fun and spontaneity. When it comes to fidelity, April 23 individuals favor a somewhat liberal interpretation.

Children and Family

Family honor is very important to these individuals. They enjoy collecting all the stories that were told to them as children. As parents, they encourage their youngsters to be aware of the profound variety in their past and its potential to influence their future.


April 23 individuals may suffer from repeated bouts of mental exhaustion brought on by a lifetime of overwork. This can be countered by exercise and meditation. They enjoy fasting for health purposes and yet have a great love for exotic and unusual foods.

Career and Finances

April 23 individuals make talented writers, journalists, and teachers. They are communication-oriented, and the performance of their work may be influenced by or dependent upon electronic gadgets. They take their financial future seriously, and, in order to master it, they will seek out information from classes, seminars, and books.


Dreams and Goals

April 23 individuals are ambitious about making a place in the world. They take an active interest in helping people close to them realize their own dreams and goals. These generous individuals are always willing to assist and encourage friends and family.

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