April 20 Birthday Astrology

The astrological symbol for Taurus, the second sign of the year, is the Bull. Numerology Sign/Flickr (CC By 2.0)

An Aries born on April 20 will be guided by their emotions. Even when they make decisions based on logic and intellect, they are actually tapping into their subconscious. Because of their rich inner life, they sometimes appear to live in a dream world. Although naturally contemplative, they can summon the social élan needed to shine when the occasion arises.


Friends and Lovers

April 20 individuals project their needs and perceptions onto the people they love. Often their closest friendships begin in youth. Romantic relationships offer a fair share of disappointments; they expect love to have a fairy-tale aspect. Once they understand that no romance can be perfect, they can deal with whatever comes.

Children and Family

Family is a strong force in the lives of April 20 natives. There can be a great deal of pressure exerted on them to conform to a set of rigid, preordained values. If they do not resolve their family issues satisfactorily, these are likely to be factors in the relationships these people have with their own children.



As a result of their great sensitivity, April 20 natives are prone to imaginary illnesses, usually brought on by an episode of depression. They are concerned with appearance and will go to considerable lengths to retain a youthful, attractive look.


Career and Finances

April 20 individuals make great orators, actors, public speakers, and members of the media. Their financial affairs are in a continuous state of flux. While they often experience good luck in money matters, they also find it easy to overextend themselves.


Dreams and Goals

At an early age the plans of these individuals are generally outer-directed. Many April 20 natives have a desire to change society. Although they may amend their idealism later in life to accomodate the disappointments they may have experienced, involvement in socially significant projects gives them a sense of helping to make a better world.

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