Post-blockbuster Summer Movie Guide

Now that all of those gigantic blockbuster movies are out of the way, let's relax and enjoy some late-summer films. One of these may be the next sleeper hit like "Darkman," "Bring It On" or "The Iron Giant."

Candidates for late-summer surprises include: Michael Mann's "Miami Vice," starring Jamie Foxx; "Snakes on a Plane," with Samuel L. Jackson; and Will Farrell's NASCAR romp "Talladega Nights" all promise to make the summer's end just as exciting and fun as its beginning.


Instead of the usual cast, synopsis and release date list you may be used to seeing in other movie guides, we'll giving you the info about these movies in bite-sized pieces of trivia. It's always good to know even more useless information about the movie that you're watching, right?