10 TV Shows That Pushed the Limits of Censorship

'Family Guy'
The central character in the animated series 'Family Guy' is Peter Griffin, second from right. Fox/Getty Images

Just like "All in the Family," Seth McFarlane's show about an American clan is known for pushing verbal boundaries. The animated series on Fox negotiates with censors. There is some give and take about what has to go and what can slide by. Ironically, a 2005 episode about censorship had the dad, Peter, trying to start his own network. The episode was censored for language.

However, a 2009 episode on abortion was not even allowed on the air, because the network was concerned about scaring off advertisers. Peter's wife Lois is acting as a surrogate mom for an infertile couple. No good deed goes unpunished, and the couple dies in a car accident. What's Lois going to do about the pregnancy? Though the show was not broadcast, it was performed live and untaped for members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Censors couldn't touch that.